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Why Open a Pizza Franchise with Pizzeria Romana


Why should you consider opening a Pizzeria Romana franchise? Joining the world of franchising with our brand is not just about investing in a business with a quick economic return but also about contributing to the spread of a food culture characterised by quality and well-being. Pizza from Pizzeria Romana perfectly meets the demands of a growing market that rewards healthy and tasty alternatives in the fast food sector.

Our franchise stands out for the robustness and effectiveness of a business model that has proven, over more than 60 years of history, to be successful and sustainable. Opting to open a Pizzeria Romana store means relying on an experienced partner capable of providing consistent and targeted support for the success of your venture.

Our franchise network is designed to guide you towards realising your entrepreneurial dream and ensuring a rapid and secure return on your investment.

The offerings of Pizzeria Romana distinctly diverge from those of typical franchises, focusing not only on profit but also on the well-being of customers and food sustainability. Investing in this brand means riding the wave of a consistently rising trend: that of street food, which, thanks to Roman-style pizza, does not compromise on quality or the refinement of ingredients.

We offer a unique concept that combines Roman culinary tradition with the needs of a modern and aware public, eager to consume tasty, genuine products prepared with top-quality raw materials.

What Are the Benefits of a Pizza Franchise?

Collaborating with us begins with the choice of location, an important step towards success. Our team of experts will assist you in selecting the ideal site for opening a new Pizzeria Romana restaurant, evaluating together the best options to maximise visibility and accessibility of your venue.

Once the perfect location is identified, we will personally take care of the setup and organisation of the space, paying attention to every detail to reflect the identity and values of the brand. From the interior design to the arrangement of the furnishings, every element will be crafted to create a welcoming and functional environment, in line with the distinctive aesthetics of our brand.


Another cornerstone of our franchise offering is the focus on continuous training and updating. Our goal is to ensure that every franchisee has the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage their own pizza restaurant. Through specific training programmes, we will provide you with all the operational information and skills, from preparing Roman-style pizza according to the high-quality standards of the brand to efficiently managing the daily activities of the venue.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do, which is why, as our franchisee, you will have exclusive access to a selection of the highest quality ingredients. Our network of specialised suppliers ensures genuine ingredients from controlled sources, allowing you to offer customers a slice of Roman pizza that stands out for its freshness, taste, and authenticity. This commitment to the excellence of the final product is what makes our franchise a unique opportunity in the pizza restaurant landscape.


The Future of Pizza by the Slice:
When Fast Food Meets Healthiness

In Pizzeria Romana restaurants, pizza is sold in traditional square slices, which not only honours the culinary heritage but also enhances its appeal as a convenient delivery and takeaway option.

One of the Pizzeria Romana brand’s key benefits is its ability to seamlessly combine the concept of fast food restaurants with an emphasis on organic and nutritious food.

This fusion not only sets our brand apart in the saturated fast food market but also opens the doors to an increasingly broad and informed customer base seeking quick meals without compromising on quality or the source of ingredients. And what could be better than a slice of Roman pizza in this respect?!

By using exclusively locally-sourced products, we commit to reducing environmental impact and enhancing local productions, ensuring fresh ingredients that retain all their nutritional properties.

Our commitment also extends to choosing only organic flour and oil, two fundamental pillars of the Mediterranean diet known for their health benefits. By using only organic flour, we ensure that the base of our pizzas is made without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Moreover, the cold-pressed organic oil preserves all the antioxidants and beneficial substances of the olives.

In this way, our franchise positions itself as an ambassador for a new way of conceiving fast food: no longer as a convenient choice at the expense of health but as an opportunity to nourish oneself consciously, enjoying tasty, healthy, and environmentally respectful dishes.


The New Frontier of Fast Food:
How Much Pizza Is Eaten Around the World?

Data confirms that pizza restaurants are among the most beloved options in many countries. Indeed, pizza, the undisputed queen of street food, dominates culinary preferences in nations such as Italy, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Spain, and Germany.

15 billions!

According to the data, the appetite for this beloved Italian dish shows signs of impressive growth: in Italy, for example, there has been a 14% increase in pizza consumption per capita, contributing to a turnover that nearly reached 15 billion euros in 2023, with prospects for further expansion.

Revealing the extent of passion for pizza, 65% of Italian consumers admit to indulging in this culinary delight at least once a week, while one in five increases the frequency to twice a week.

These figures not only confirm pizza shops as one of the most profitable businesses in the quick-service restaurant sector but also highlight a growth trend that exceeds market expectations. The combination of steadily increasing demand and strong profit margins makes the pizza franchise business a wise entrepreneurial decision with promising future growth prospects.


How to Open a Roman-Style Pizza Franchise with Our Brand


Joining the Pizzeria Romana franchise means becoming part of a family that measures success not only in economic terms but also in terms of the ability to promote conscious and quality eating. What we offer is a proven pathway to professional realisation, with targeted support at every stage of the process.

To become part of the exciting world of Pizzeria Romana, we have prepared a series of exclusive offers designed to suit various needs and entrepreneurial ambitions. We understand that each potential client has their own vision and specific needs, which is why we aim to offer you a personalised experience right from the start.

By filling out the form at the bottom of the page, you will have the opportunity to detail your request and your expectations. Whether you are looking for more information about our business model, the requirements for opening, or the different investment options, our team of experts is ready to listen to you. Once we receive your information, we will contact you to discuss the most suitable path for you and outline the next steps towards the success of your pizza franchise.

Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality! Send us your request today and let our specialists guide you towards launching your adventure in the world of Roman-style pizza!

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