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In the vibrant heart of Rome, a brand was born that has revolutionised the world of pizza restaurants: our Pizzeria Romana. Founded in 1958 in the historic centre of Rome, the Pizzeria Romana brand has turned a passion for pizza into a global entrepreneurial opportunity.

Our franchise offering is aimed at passionate entrepreneurs eager to open a pizza shop that celebrates the tradition of Roman pizza, famous for its crispy, light, and digestible base. Unlike Neapolitan pizza, with its thick crust and soft texture, Roman pizza is characterised by an unmistakable crispiness that makes it a distinctive and highly sought-after product.

The secret to our success lies first and foremost in our focus on quality and the selection of raw materials: local and artisanal products; doughs with slow fermentation and high hydration at 80%, which enhance the features of the organic flours selected.

Over 60 years of experience in the industry have also taught us that the real added value of any business is its people. Therefore, we place particular emphasis on the selection and training of our staff, both in Italy and abroad. Our affiliates receive comprehensive support, ranging from pizza preparation to point-of-sale management, to ensure that every new opening maintains the high standards that distinguish us.

The Pizzeria Romana brand is not just a guarantee of quality; it is a true gastronomic project that boasts prestigious collaborations, such as with the Italian Pizzerias Association (API), and the technical assistance of its President, Angelo Iezzi. It is a journey that begins in the heart of Rome but extends far beyond, bringing the quality and uniqueness of Roman pizza to every corner of the world.

What Sets Pizzeria Romana Apart
in the World of
Pizza Franchises

The majority of pizza restaurants today tend to focus on the well-known and beloved Neapolitan pizza, a classic of Italian culinary heritage appreciated worldwide. While this choice is respectable and rooted in tradition, it leaves little room for innovation and diversity in the sliced pizza landscape.

Our brand, Pizzeria Romana, was born from a different ambition: to seize the opportunities offered by the favourable pizza market and, at the same time, to introduce and promote both in Italy and abroad a less explored but equally rich in history and flavour specialty: the Roman pizza!

With its unique crispiness, lightness, and variety of toppings that respect the seasonality and freshness of the ingredients, Roman pizza represents an innovation in the sector, offering a valid and intriguing alternative to the more traditional Neapolitan pizza.

The Pizzeria Romana franchise does not merely enter the world of pizza restaurants but aspires to redefine the sector, exporting a distinctive product that reflects the variety and richness of Italian cuisine. Our goal is to make Roman pizza known and appreciated on a global scale, establishing it as a new reference point for lovers of crispy pizza in search of authentic and innovative flavours.

What Makes Our
Roman Pizza Recipe the Best

Unlike Neapolitan pizza, known for its thick and soft crust, Roman pizza is “scrocchiarella” and stands out for its thin and incredibly crispy base. But what makes Pizzeria Romana’s pizza so special? The answer lies in three fundamental pillars of preparation: 80% hydration, 72 hours of proofing, and the exclusive use of local ingredients, organic flours, and organic olive oil.

The hydration of the dough is a fundamental aspect of preparing Roman pizza. At Pizzeria Romana, our dough is made with 80% hydration. This high level of hydration promotes even baking, resulting in the unique crispy characteristic that defines true Roman pizza.

Time is also a key ingredient in our recipe for professional Roman-style pizza. By allowing the dough to ferment for 72 hours, we ensure that our pizza is not only light and fluffy but also highly digestible. This lengthy maturation process allows the flavours to fully develop, enhancing the richness of the natural flavours of our organic ingredients. The result? A pizza that delights the palate without weighing it down!

Finally, the authenticity of our crispy pizza also stems from the meticulous selection of ingredients. We only use locally sourced products, organic flours, and organic olive oil because our goal is to offer a pizza that is not only a unique taste experience but also represents healthy and whole food. Additionally, this allows us to support local agriculture and ensure the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

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